The CatchPlotter provides a means to map out your vessel track and fishing history over a variety of standard maps of the North Pacific.

Imports and stores vessel track data from the Electronic Logbook and the Vessel Verification System. Using the Elsa Import Utility you can also import vessel tracks from your old ELSA/Marge VMS system.
Imports and stores fishing history, including hauls and species composition, from both CatchPoint and the Electronic Logbook.
Provides a variety of means with which to analyze and map your vessel tracks and fishing data. For example you can map hauls by haul size over a given period of time and display the vessel tracks that occurred during the actual hauls. You can also map out species compositions in pie charts and bycatch hotspots.
Finally, the CatchPlotter includes a variety of maps on which to overlay your data. These maps include federal and state statistical areas, bathymetry, prohibited areas, latitude and longitude grids and a variety of NOAA charts.


Due to the large size of the map files bundled with the CatchPlotter it is not available for download. If you are interested in getting a copy of the CatchPlotter please contact us here and mention you want a copy of the CatchPlotter in the comment section.

Elsa Import Utility Installation Download (40.2MB exe)

CatchPlotter User Manual (2.6MB PDF)

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  CatchPlotter Beta 2
  CatchPoint v2.063
  Economic Extension 1.0
  Electronic Logbook 1.20
  New ELB Preview Beta 1
  Sediment Sampling 1.0
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VVS 1.01