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NOAA Fisheries (NMFS)
NOAA Coastal Service Center
NMFS National Observer Program
United States Coast Guard

National Fisheries - Canada

International Pacific Halibut Commission
North Pacific Fisheries Management Council
NMFS/Alaska Region
NMFS/Alaska Fisheries Science Center
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Alaska Board of Fisheries
United States Coast Guard 17th District

Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Pacific Fisheries Management Council
Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
California Department of Fish and Game

Gadus Associates
National Fisheries Institute

  APICDA Joint Ventures Inc.
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  CatchPlotter Beta 2
  CatchPoint v2.063
  Economic Extension 1.0
  Electronic Logbook 1.20
  New ELB Preview Beta 1
  Sediment Sampling 1.0
  Utilities various


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