OceanLogic Software Products

ELB (ELB) Support and Downloads
The Electronic Logbook is a NMFS approved replacement for the North Pacific Daily Fishing Log for trawl vessels. The program stores a historical record both of fishing activity and vessel tracks. Both can be exported to Excel or the CatchPlotter for mapping. The ELB is used extensively in the North Pacific groundfish trawl catcher vessel fleet.

The Electronic Logbook (ELB) program has been updated to allow tracking of Salmon avoidance for the Bering Sea pollock fishery.

Vessel Verification System (VVS) Support and Downloads
The Vessel Verification System is consists of the vessel tracking portion of the Electronic Logbook. If you are not interested in keeping track of fishing activity, but still want a history of your vessel's location the VVS is the system for you. Also known as a poor man's Vessel Monitoring System.

CatchPoint (CP) Support and Downloads
CatchPoint is a quota management system designed for Catcher Processors or Motherships fishing CDQ or AFA quota. CatchPoint imports data from the North Pacific Fisheries Observers, keeps a history of catch activity and compares the hauls to the quota you enter. All species translations, sample expansions issues of how the time and location of a catch effects quota concerns are handled automatically. Along with the Electronic Logbook and the Vessel Verification System, CatchPoint seamlessly exports its data to the OceanLogic CatchPlotter for easy mapping.

CatchPlotter Support and Downloads
The CatchPlotter is a program that stores and maps fishing activity and vessel tracks from the VVS, ELB and CatchPoint. It creates maps of vessel tracks and fishing activity based for one or more vessels over whatever time frame you select. Compare haul sizes, catch per unit effort, species compositions and even track bycatch. This is the perfect tool for individuals or groups who want to manage their own fisheries.

Economic Extension (EEC) Support and Downloads
The Economic Extension is a add-on to the Electronic Logbook that collects economic data regarding fishing trips. Skippers use it to keep track of trip related costs, fish tickets and crew shares. If you want you can use the Economic Extension to provide valuable data to the Northwest Fisheries Science Center used to calculate the impacts of government decisions on fishing communities.

Sediment Sample Database (SSD) Support and Downloads
The Sediment Sample Database collects, analyzes and maps sediment samples such as those taken during dredging and environmental remediation efforts. It collects data from a variety of sensors, as well as data entry from the sampler's themselves. It prints labels and creates map files that can be further analyzed with GIS systems or placed on the web to provide up to the minute progress reports.

Utilities Support and Downloads
OceanLogic has a number of small utilities that complement various products. These include the Elsa Export Utility that moves data from ELSA VMS systems into the CatchPlotter, a utility that creates North Pacific Fishery Observer Species Composition files for those times when your observer missed a haul, and a tool to assist in grading Pollock roe.

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