Various Utilities

Over the years OceanLogic has developed a number of utility programs to help our clients better handle unusual situations. We have made some of our favorites available below.

Elsa Export Utility
The Elsa Export Utility makes vessel position data in the ELSA Vessel Monitoring System available to the OceanLogic CatchPlotter. This is a "must have" for organizations who use ELSA as well as the CatchPlotter to manage their fisheries.

Elsa Export Utility Download (40.2MB exe)

Species Composition Editor
Even 100% observed vessels occasionally miss having a haul observed. When this happens they create a HAUL record but not a SPECIES COMP record. What is a CDQ vessel that bases its quota fishing on observer records to do? The answer for CatchPoint users is to create a SPECIES COMP file using the same species percentages as the last haul. The Species Composition Editor allows users to create Species Composition files in the format used by the North Pacific Observer Program. Please contact NMFS or your CDQ manager before attempting this at home! You will need CatchPoint installed for this program to work on your computer.

Species Composition Editor Download (49KB exe)

Basket Sampled Roe Calculator
The Basket Sampled Roe Calculator is a nifty tool developed to calculate roe percentages in a consistent manner. You will need Microsoft Access (part of the Microsoft Office Suite) installed in order to run the Calculator.

Basket Sampled Roe Calculator Download (1MB mdb)


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