Vessel Verification System (VVS)

The Vessel Verification System records GPS positions and stores them in a database. You can set how often positions are recorded and create exports for Microsoft Excel and the OceanLogic CatchPlotter. The VVS is a "poor man's Vessel Monitoring program" and in conjunction with the CatchPlotter provides a means to track a fleet of vessels at a fraction of the cost of a VMS.


Vessel Verification System Installation Download (20.1MB exe)

Vessel Verification System User Guide (247KB PDF)

Vessel Verification System License
The Vessel Verification System requires a license file specially created for each installation. The license contains information specific to each vessel on which it is used. Click the link below and make sure to mention that you want a VVS license in the "Comments" section.

Apply for a license

  APICDA Joint Ventures Inc.
dba OceanLogic
302 Gold Street, Suite 202
Juneau, Alaska 99801
(888) 927-4232 or
(206) 782-1776




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  Economic Extension 1.0
  Electronic Logbook 1.20
  New ELB Preview Beta 1
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VVS 1.01